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Winning Entries

This page will next update September 30th. 
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For more information on our contests and winner selection please click here and also click here.

Flash Contest Winners

"Resilience" 2022 National Student Poetry Contest
(Original Submission Deadline of April 30, 2022) - Winners Announced September 30, 2022.

Click here to read the poems by the Division Winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

Division I

(grades 3-5)​


Division Winner – Chayale Grossbaum

2nd Place – Sierra Lemon

3rd Place – Makenna Patterson


Division II

(grades 6-7)​


Division Winner – Jax Dunn

2nd Place – Rose Long

3rd Place –​ Masen Odell


Division III

(grades 8-9)​


Division Winner – Ella Stevenson

2nd Place – Isabella Konowicz

3rd Place – Lyla King


Division IV

(grades 10-12)


Division Winner – Allison Lange

2nd Place – Pyramid Within

3rd Place – Payton Fraser

Editor's Choice Award and Grand Prize Winner

Allison Lange for poem entitled "The Mirror"

"School's Out Shopping Spree" Winner

Sidney Gipson for poem entitled "Me”

Laptop Computer, Tablet, or iPod Touch Winner

Paige Greenfield for poem entitled "Dreams"

Amazon Gift Card Winners

Jackson Bauer (Entry entitled "Life Is Hard")

Asher Focht (Entry entitled "Us")

River S. Ribeiro (Entry entitled "Eleven Fifty-Three")

Joslyn Swansen (Entry entitled "I Hate Homework")

Vivienne Murphy (Entry entitled "Rain")

Jaden Dacus (Entry entitled "Marley and Me")

Keith DeGeorge (Entry entitled "Friends")

Laura Albrecht (Entry entitled "A Lover's Blame")

Zainab Safi (Entry entitled "Travel")

Tyler Oliver (Entry entitled "American Pride")

Top Educator Award Winners

Rebecca Howe of Barling Elementary School in Barling, AR

Justin Windham of Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies in Metairie, LA

Angela Ver Ploeg of Sully Christian School in Sully, IA

Lisa Wilson of Clover Garden School in Burlington, NC

Charlene Lesniak of St. John Catholic School in Westminster, MD

Stu Burgess of Paisley High School in Paisley, OR

Kayla Snider of Malden Elementary School in Malden, MO

Lauren Shurley of Westside Elementary School in Douglas, GA

James Hitz of Booth-Fickett K-8 in Tucson, AZ

Brittany Leach of Kettering Middle School in Kettering, OH

"Early Bird" Prize Winners

Yvonne Aurich of Good Shepherd School in Pacifica, CA

Lisa Lofton of Greeley Elementary School in Chicago, IL

Audrey Feeney of Central Elementary School in Mc Cook, NE

Amanda Gauger of Riverside Elementary School in Ringle, WI

Phyllis Jackson of Orange High School in Orange, NJ

Jared Frazier of Morgan Elementary School in Paducah, KY

Katie Miller of Dillon Middle School in Dillon, MT

David Hearn of Lexington Middle School in Lexington, TN

Randi Eaton of Nieman Elementary School in Shawnee, KS

Debra Wesley of Selma Middle School in Selma, IN

Ulena Robinson of Goldendale Adventist Christian School in Goldendale, WA

Amanda Taylor of Vancleave Middle School in Vancleave, MS

Melody Anzai of Our Lady of Good Counsel School in Pearl City, HI

Ashley Davis of Holly Hill School in Holly Hill, FL

Young Kim of Bronx High School of Science in Bronx, NY

James Whitehead of Christiansburg High School in Christiansburg, VI

Suzanne Crowley of Sanborn School in Andover, MA

Nichole Carey of Northwest Area Intermediate School in Shickshinny, PA

Jen Davidson of Tri-City United High School in Montgomery, MN

Laurie Runions of Timberlane Regional Middle School in Plaistow, NH

Jes-c French of Haxtun High School in Haxtun, CO

Maria Gerardy of Yale High School in Yale, MI

Rob Lancaster of Forgan Public School in Forgan, OK

Alexandra Nedelcu of Durango High School in Las Vegas, NV

Karen Tisdel of Twin Creeks Middle School in Spring, TX

2022 Spirit of Education Award Winners

Somerset College Preparatory Academy of Port Saint Lucie, FL

Belfield High School of Belfield, ND

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