Frequently Asked Questions

How does one enter your student poetry contest?

Students may enter online through our website or through school. A number of teachers submit their classes' work on an annual basis. There is no entry fee to enter our Student Poetry Contest.

Is this a local contest?

Our Student Poetry Contest is nationwide, with four divisions for students in grades 3-12. Each year we receive several thousand submissions.

What about prizes?

There are two types of prizes awarded in our Student Poetry Contest. The first is based on poetic merit. Prizes are awarded to first, second, and third place in each division with one grand prize awarded to first place overall. These prizes include monetary prizes ranging from $50.00 to $500.00, and America Library of Poetry certificates of achievement. The second type is selected at random based on participation, and may be awarded to any student who has shown the initiative to submit their work. These prizes include a laptop computer, tablet, or iPod touch, gift cards and "School's Out" Shopping Spree, which is awarded as a cash prize or gift card.

How are winners notified?

Names of division winners will be announced on September 30th and posted on our website along with their winning entries. Names of random prize winners will also be posted on September 30th. All winners will be notified by mail, email or telephone. All prizes will be awarded by mail. To view the most recent list of winners, please click here.

Who judges the poetry?

Our staff privacy policy prohibits releasing the names of our judges or those of the members of our review committee. Most have been affiliated with the America Library of Poetry for ten years or more with backgrounds in English, Literature, Journalism, and Child Education.

What if a student's name, address, or poem title is misspelled or does not appear correctly in the letter regarding the contest and being published?

Within the author's release and order form found on the second page of the letter, we have provided a space in which to make any necessary corrections. Simply use this space, and we will update the information upon receiving it in the mail. If you are using a blank (not pre-printed) release form, please make a note of the correction so we can make the needed changes.

Does everyone receive the same letter, or do you offer to publish everyone?

No; Some letters simply explain how the contest is judged, when winners will be announced, etc. We realize that we are working with amateur student poets, and we try to be encouraging as possible, but we simply cannot publish all the poetry we receive. In fact, only about twenty percent of our authors will be published in one of our compilations.

When are the deadlines?

Entering Contest:
The deadline is every April 30th for the postmark date.
The contest rules can be read here and entry forms can be downloaded for printing here.
Publication / Release and Order Forms: By Mail: Expressions 2021 By Mail: Together 2020

What if a student misplaces the release and order form?

You may download and print another artist release and order form.

What if a student misses the deadline for publishing? Can the student still be in the book?

The student could still be published. Release forms and orders which are received too late for inclusion in the current book will automatically be rolled over into the next year's book. For the book Expressions, please click here for more information. For the book Together, please click here for more information.

Is there any physical difference between the initial author's copy and one of the additional copies?

There is no physical difference in any of the books. Initial "Author's Copy" and "Additional Copies" are terms used on the order form to define how the discount is offered. The initial book purchased is $32.95 and referred to as an "Author's Copy" as this is for whom it is usually ordered. Any subsequent copies are referred to as "Additional Copies" which are discounted to $25 each. If a family has more than one student being published, we suggest having each student sign their respective form, stapling them together and simply using the top form to place the order. That way, both poems will be published, and the discounted rate will be applied beginning with the second book purchased. Shipping and handling is $7 regardless of quantity ordered.

Does a student have to buy the book to remain in the contest or release a poem for publishing?

There is no cost to enter our student poetry contest and whether or not a book is purchased has no bearing on placement in the competition. Purchasing a book is optional. To release a poem for publication, simply fill out the author's release portion and mail it by the author's deadline. To purchase a copy of the book, include the correct payment amount, and the author's release form doubles as an order form. When payment is enclosed, it is considered both a release and an order.

What does the book look like?

Every book we produce is of the highest quality. The student poetry compilation is approximately a 224 page 9 x 6 book, soft laminate cover in full color, perfect bound, with poetry arranged according to grade level. A complete index of authors including names and page numbers is found in the back of the book. All books are backed by a no-risk 30 day money back guarantee. If a book is found to be unsatisfactory in any way it may be returned and the buyer shall be issued a prompt refund of full purchase price and shipping cost.

How can I verify you received my book order?

Please visit the order status webpage starting 15 business days after you mail your order. Depending on mail delivery and processing times, it can take up to 20 business days before your order may show as received. Please check back often to verify receipt.

When should I receive my book order?

All delivery dates below are dependent on the prior receipt of a release form and publication of the requested author's poem: For orders placed by September 30th:
You may expect your books to arrive in December before the holidays.
For orders placed during October 1-December 1st:
You may expect your books to arrive in late January.
For orders placed anytime after December 1st:
You may expect your books to arrive in 4-8 weeks.

How do students see their poems on your website?

Only the poems written by the contest winners are automatically added to our website. We do not publish all poems received on our website.

To which address should I mail my poem or release form?

Please Mail Contest Entries To:
Review Committee
c/o The America Library of Poetry
P.O. Box 978
Houlton, ME 04730
(All mailed entries must include entry forms.)
UPS and FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box.
Please use this address instead:
39 Court Street # 978
Houlton, ME 04730

For further inquiries, please Contact Us below.

For further inquiries, please Contact Us below.