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Many Thanks!

Here are just a few of the comments that make us feel good about what we do ...

I appreciate what you are doing for young upcoming authors giving them a chance to be published.

I'm a published author in your 2018 Futures book

and it feels great knowing that somewhere out there someone is reading my poem

and I am reading theirs.

It brings the connection of two poets together without them ever meeting in person,

and that is what the essence of poetry is.

Making connections and sharing each other's feelings all while making beautiful art.

To the staff and board of The America Library of Poetry, thank you!

-Marc S. (Published Author)

It means a lot to me that my poem was recognized.
-Phil M. (Published Author)

 I wanted to pass along a thank you to the America Library of Poetry 
for giving young authors the opportunity to get their works published.  
I've seen my daughter bloom before my very eyes as she read your letter
 informing her that she could become a published author - her dream come true. 
The pride and joy she felt was quite overwhelming and brought us both to tears. 
She didn't sleep that whole night due to the excitement she felt.  
Plus, she could not wait until the next day to call all of her close friends and relatives 
and tell them of the good news. 
So truly from the depths of my heart, 
thank you very much for the opportunity and the delight you have brought to us both.
- Celeste K. (Mother of Published Author)

Thank you for selecting my poem.  It is a great honor!
- Nehal A. (Published Author)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of Jerry's "support group" 
and for touching his life in a very special way.  
You gave him a special joy and hope, and for that you will remain always in our thoughts and prayers.
- Bonnie V. (Custodial Grandmother of Published Author)

I just received the new book release, Dreams of Youth.  
I felt so proud to see my poem in the book.  
Thank you so much for remembering me and making me feel special.  
Your words of praise are inspirational.  
Your confidence in me has helped me to become an even better writer.  
The honor bestowed upon me by The America Library of Poetry has changed my life for the better.  
Again, thank you.
- Peri S. (Published Author)

Thank you for giving me the incentive to pursue my writing.
- Shawn D. (Published Author)

Thank you for your contest.
- Ms. H. S. (7th Grade English Teacher)

My husband and I are excited that our son's poem, "Friends" was chosen for your contest and for publication.
-Michelle M. (Mother of Published Author)

I want to thank you for selecting my poem to be in your book, Words To Remember.  
My parents and family are very proud of me.  
Thank you for this opportunity of a lifetime. 
- Ivette R. (Published Author)

Thank you for motivating my students to write.
- Jennifer F. (6th Grade English Teacher)

I'd like to thank you for the encouragement and inspiration.  This will be something I'll never forget.
- Kyle D. (Published Author)

Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity for my students!
- Mrs. Kathy B. (6th Grade English Teacher)

I wanted to let you know how I felt as I read your letter saying my poem was going to be published. 
My hands were trembling as I read your letter out loud to my family, 
which brought tears to their eyes as they heard about the realization 
of one of my biggest dreams of bestowing the title of a published author. 
Sleep did not come to me for days as I eagerly anticipated seeing my friends and relatives 
so I could tell them about my much sought after accomplishment. 
You have greatly impacted my life as I am moving forward in my writing abilities 
and I have hope that that the future has something great for me in store. 
-Arianna M. (Published Author)

I'm delighted to be chosen to be put in the book!
- Christine K. (Published Author)

Thank you for recognizing my daughter and publishing her poem.
-Ms. Mandy C. (Mother of Published Author)

Just when I thought life couldn't get any better, 
I received notice that my poem was selected 
and I can claim the distinguished honor of being a published author.  
Thank you!
- John F. (Published Author)

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