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2006 Student Poetry Contest

Division Winners

Division I
(grades 3-5)

by Michelle Krumpe

Nestled ’neath a bush so snug and warm
Waiting for the light of day
The little snapdragons sit forlorn
While the fairies with the roses play
She wishes she could fly like them
So free and full of light
She watches as their glow comes near
But then it’s gone, and out of sight


Poem Copyright © 2006 by Michelle Krumpe

My Grandpa
by Alexandra Mardirossian


My grandpa was a quiet man
He was not wild or weak
He was like a willow in the breeze, swaying gracefully
While we are loud, he was soft
He was as peaceful as a light snow, drifting down on a leaf
He was a caterpillar who went into his cocoon
He left his shell, his body, on Earth
Now he is a butterfly
His soul wanders freely

Poem Copyright © 2006 by Alexandra Mardirossian

Division II
(grades 6-7)

Missing Them
by Caitlin Fallahay

Girl among the gravestones, lighted by the crescent moon 
Near the stroke of midnight 
The ghosts draw her here, here to slip away  
She stops in front of a sculpted angel, a raised cross 
She fingers them gently while a tear races from her eye to her cheek 
A trickle of blood tracing down her memory 
Lying down, protected by stone wings
Reliving the past, the pain, the tears 
Pressing herself against the cold, hardened ground 
As if trying to find her mother and sister there, alive and warm again 
Girl among the gravestones, despair pouring from her eyes
Straightens to a sitting position, looks to the stars as if to say, “I’m coming home”
She fades into the darkened sky

Poem Copyright © 2006 by Caitlin Fallahay


Wild Horses
by Kaitlyn Dotson

The wind whips your mane 
Like the ocean tosses a wave
The sweet smell of dew-tipped grass
Tickles your every breath
Hoofs pound the earth 
As dirt flies up around you 
Holding your long tail up high 
A flag signaling behind
The rain thuds against your back 
Soaking you to the skin 
You dry in the warm, bright, shining sun 
That makes your coat glisten 
Lassos the cowboys throw
Twirl like snakes around you 
Jumping first to the left and then the right
Managing to avoid every one
Racing across the plains 
Galloping at top speeds
This is all you have ever known 
You are wild, free

Poem Copyright © 2006 by Kaitlyn Dotson


Division III
(grades 8-9)

So Clean and So Young
by Emily Mergel

Stagger down moonlit Willis Street
Patent leather spikes snagging in the crumbling asphalt
Dizzy eyes are veiled by flickering lids
Head lolls back onto the silent pavement

Remember Christina
Suede and alabaster hands smooth a linen dress
Ice and ancient eyes glance away with somber sighs
Thin lips part

 “Stop, little girl
Take time to smell the porch lights turning on
The rain dissolving paint on wooden houses
Breathe the way the would-be-junkies do
When getting blisters from holding hands too tight
Secrets too close
Love too dear” 

Eyes flash
Eight thousand pear blossoms shower down upon a sorry face
Like kisses from thin lips, littering the moonlit pavement

Poem Copyright © 2006 by Emily Mergel


Crows and Ravens
by Angelina Waller

Crows clothing a willow tree
Black feathers flow like silk in the breeze
A song of betrayal they sing
Either resting or flying
Ravens come, on the wing
Harkening sorrow as they sing
Now they blanket a walnut tree
A black sheet of misery
Crows and ravens of depression
Willows and walnuts of sadness
Now comes the rain, weeping for all

Poem Copyright © 2006 by Angelina Waller


Division IV
(grades 10-12)

The Price of Love
by Eric Rostvedt

The darkness loomed on such a day
When Faith held her tongue
Unrighteous men cowered away
When on the cross He hung
Their King, their Friend, was dying there 
His burdened eyes looked down
Yet, while He hung, He said a prayer
And wore His crimson crown
The thorns, they mocked His royalty
Innocence hammered the nails
The sinners proclaimed disloyalty
And darkness said, "Hope fails!"
It was true, Hope had to hide
Her tears stained the light
But Love, she shone! She turned the tide! 
For mercy, Love would fight
Nail-pierced hands raised the sword
The King, with His final breath
Struck down the Enemy, and the Lord
For wretched us, chose death

Poem Copyright © 2006 by Eric Rostvedt


Farewell To Childhood
by Sarah Adams

In the nursery down the hall
Thick silence fills the air
The toys stand ready on the shelves
But no young boy is there
He has his briefcase, suit and tie
He has no use for things
Like dragon tales and paper hats
And dust of pixie’s wings
The rocking-horse grows dusty
Look closer and you’ll trace
A slow parade of ashen tears
Upon his oaken face
He loved that little boy the best
And wonders how he’ll fare
When child-like innocence is lost
Replaced with work and care
And so the world cheers its new man
While tears fill wooden eyes
For where the world sees triumph
The rocking-horse, demise

Poem Copyright © 2006 by Sarah Adams


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