A Birthday Wish
by Victoria Adel Gibson

Two people sit next to each other
I asked them to and they obliged
However I feel, that if it were their way
One would not have come
But today is my day, I will not listen to fear
Today there is hope that old wounds will heal
Today I wish on twelve minute lights
That I will have to endure this separation no longer
The day was wonderful; I received many gifts
But there still was that unease of reality
And somehow I knew this was only a day
And never again would I have this union to endure
Never again will those two sit in a state of truce
Never again will they be at peace together
But today is my day, I will not listen to fear
Today I can hope that old wounds will heal
I made it my wish and I took extra care
To extinguish each light in one, giant breath
Today I wish to suffer no more
Today I dream, for upon the morrow, I wake

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Poem Copyright 2005 by Victoria Adel Gibson


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