She Walks
by Stevie Pearl

With others she walks

Alone, she dances into a pool of light
There she possesses freedom and joy
She is new, she is awakened
But afraid, she walks

Alone, she skips across mountains of laughter
Leaping above her troubles, she smiles, she lightens the heart
She is the spitting image of sunlight on a cloudy day
But to fit in, she walks

Alone, she leaps through fields of clover and wild flowers
She is one with the animals, she is one with nature
She is carefree and beautiful, a blooming flower among many weeds
A star in the midnight sky
But embarrassed, she walks

Alone, she lifts her arms and sails through the clouds of sunset
She sings, she is a wonder to those who spot her
She is today, she is tomorrow
She is a dot of color on a darkened land
A rainbow after a long storm
But afraid of being discovered, she walks

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Poem Copyright 2001 by Stevie Pearl


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