Fenced In
by Robin Silevitch

Sun glaring down on us, as if to say, "Stay away."
A tall rusty fence clattering in the wind
My tiny hands grasping the thin rusty wires
My shoes getting stuck in the diamond shaped grooves
The smell of lilacs budding and blooming
Keeps out the harsh rusting smell
The jagged edges cutting into my soft flesh
I reach the top
The pointy tops dig into my pants
Fear sweeps over me while the wind combs through my hair
My heart thuds in my chest
I close my eyes so black invades my mind
I jump, air rushing past me
I land on cool, fresh green grass
My eyes flutter open, and I let myself fall flat
Looking at the sky
My friends land by my sides
And we watch as the clouds pass us by in that forever blue sky

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Poem Copyright 2003 by Robin Silevitch


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