The Price of False Love
by Rebecca Eells

He said that he loved me
He said it was right, as I gave in and said okay that night
Now, I am standing here to say, Daddy, Iím pregnant. Now I have to pay
I am sorry I did it
Disappointment is on your face
You are ashamed, and Iím a disgrace
I wish you would yell, but you only cry
It hurts more than anything, I wish I could die
I will have this baby
Itís the only way to go
I canít do it by myself, that I do know
I need your help. I am still your little girl
But I no longer shine like your tiny pearl
Daddy, please forgive me
I know it was wrong
But if you donít, I cannot get along
Donít take it out on him
Itís just as much my fault, too
I know he will leave me
Thatís what he will choose
Daddy, I love you
I know you are hurt, but now, it is time
Please be alert
Please stand by my side and hold my hand
Things are not going the way they had planned
Promise me one thing; you will love this baby
Itís not her fault
She will liveÖmaybe
Tell my baby that I loved her, too
Please donít be scared to tell her the truth
Here she comes
Now, I have to go
Iím sorry I hurt you, for I love you so

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Poem Copyright © 2000 by Rebecca Eells


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