Look In the Corners
by Michelle Droeske

We are the ones who stand in the corners
Bothering no one
Wanting respect, but humbly taking it
Bright, flashy colors dance around before us, contrasting our meek, soft, pale colors
Momentarily we might stun the world, but after, we're forgotten
Dear to those who love and know us; and the gratefulness, love and honor we give in turn to them
You could say we treasure the simple things - the sky, a sunset, the great, everlasting green trees
We live our lives like any other person, but in the shadows of the dancing nobles
Yes, we are the sad, medieval peasants
We save the cards, but still value the gift, while tenderly using it
So live on the twirlers on the dance floor!
We're still here
Watching and waiting, till our time comes in the spot light - or perhaps, never at all
But happily living, working, loving, and dreaming, always there to help
In the corners

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Poem Copyright 2001 by Michelle Droeske


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