Just Because of Her
by Marcus Kennedy

Once was I a wanderer on this earth
A common person to society, and average Joe to the world
My smile was often mistaken for a happiness which had no original
The laughter was just a cowardly attempt
To camouflage my depressed state of loneliness
I was immune to peace of the innermost
Cataracts did not I possess, yet blind was love
Unaware was I to the eyes of the "Watchful One"
I didnít know it yet but I was about to be blessed by this "Peeping Tom"
For you see, I met a young lady by chance
At first, I took our rendezvous for grated
But something about her intrigued me
Needless to say, I fell into the arms of my beloved lady to this very day
Loneliness departed from me
While happiness introduced herself for the very first time
On the contrary, Iíve been withholding an essential secret
From the young lady
In other words, itís because of her
That only now can I smile and laugh without being incognito
True, she also may be common to society
But sheís no average Joe in my world

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Poem Copyright © 2000 by Marcus Kennedy


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