The Forest of Athens
by Mahathi Ayyagari

Just outside the bustling city of Athens,
lies a forest full of surprises.
Flowers dance, branches sway.
Graceful centaur’s hoof beats are followed by whizzing arrows.
Satyrs persistently court giggling dryads
while the sleepy scent of the anemone poppies,
stained with the crimson blood of Adonis, envelopes your reeling mind.
You might just hear the nymphs’ euphonious laugh drift from the trees
and combine with the melodious tunes of the panpipes
or feel the roaring waterfall’s mist kiss your cheek.
Nearby, glistening sirens splash their tails in the cool water, calling to you.
You want to follow so very badly.
Pixies buzz around your ear, laughing at your foolishness,
but stop at the soft-hearted sound of a
babbling brook in time with the lyres of the muses.
You find yourself lost in a magical world, where every turn brings adventure.
Welcome to the forest of Athens.
Enter if you dare.

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Poem Copyright © 2011 by Mahathi Ayyagari


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