Midnight Illusions
by Lorena Lipe

Eyelids flutter like the wings of a butterfly
Adrenaline pumps through veins as heartbeats race to diminish
Large beads of sweat languidly trickle down and collect at the nape of the neck
Shallow breaths, filled with sighs of relief, are presented before glossy eyes
It was just a dream ...
Head to toe, the body is shielded
Streams of perspiration stain the comforter,
Yet the body quivers with fearful expectations
An unidentified noise bathes the room with ominous sounds
A yelp escapes the mouth, and a pulse throbs
It was just a dream
Shadows paint the walls as a candle flickers in the corner
Porcelain toes warily touch the ground,
As long legs move stealthily across the bare floor
The wind intruding from the window whispers warnings,
And kisses the vulnerable flesh
Tapered fingers tightly wrap around the doorknob
Sharply pulled, a heavenly light is exposed
The melancholy ambience is washed with relief
It was just a dream

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Poem Copyright 2010 by Lorena Lipe


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