In Your Shadow
by Leah Flake

Your friends think of you as some sort of goddess
I just happen to look a little like you
Youíre the creative one who wrote that essay
I have the same mother as you
Youíre the girl whose hair was green
I sleep in the room next to you
You get to graduate a year early
Iíll be hurt most when you do
You can go to any college you want to
I once argued with you over the front seat
Youíre the artist with the camera
I used to play games with you in the basement
You have a job, and make your own money
I remember when you begged our parents for an allowance
Youíll be someone great one day
I know some of your darkest secrets
Youíve inspired people to be what they can be
I was the first one who listened
Youíre everything I want to be
But Iím just your little sister

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Poem Copyright © 2002 by Leah Flake



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