My Grandpa's Hat
by Landon Bailey

It was bought in 1950 before I was born
Itís considered a classic, and carries the name Champ
Tan and beige in color, featherweight, and made of felt
Some call it vintage but to me itís just old
Itís spotted and stained and has a few holes
Youíll find the rim frayed and worn and a little thin
It kept out the rain and the sunís rays
But day after day it was worn on his head
The brim told the mood of the man underneath
Turned up said heís happy, his fields are prepared
Turned down said beware, heís grouchy today
But never a day was it not placed on his head
My Grandpaís hat all tattered and torn
Was given to me the day I was born
It holds many memories or so I am told
Of the greatest man I never got to meet
My featherweight felt fedora hat
Sits on a shelf next to a frame
A frame that holds a photograph
Of my felt fedora hat on my Grandpaís head.

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Poem Copyright © 2012 by Landon Bailey


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