Kristen Ford

I watch them flock to her
Elation to pull even the fewest words
From her pink painted mouth; an angel
Bones jutting from thin perfect skin, graceful movement
Strolling down the hall; a princess
Played to perfection in a world of flawlessness
Eager to please no one, yet everyone; a beauty
Creased in the media’s world, lost to the rest
Yet so much of other girls envy; popularity queen
Sitting on the steps, blowing smoke from her perfectly pouted lips
Yet wrinkle free; flawlessness
In the hall, stacks of books topple into someone else’s arms
Too much for her; controlling
At the lunch table she takes a slow bite of an apple
Then spits it out when no one is looking; lying
In the hall, her boyfriend yells at her
For not being there earlier; scared
As I look at her, I now know not who I want to be; unenviable

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Poem Copyright © 2004 by Kristen Ford


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