by Kendall Gedeon

The crippled boy who's rejected by all
He wants to become the next star of baseball
He knows that he can't, because he will fall
He's a dreamer
The little girl who will soon say goodbye
Knows she has cancer, and tries not to cry
But still she wishes on stars passing by
She's a dreamer
The mother who can't support her child
Has four jobs, but the pay is mild
Still each day she laughed and smiled
She's a dreamer
The father of two, whose wife has just died
Cannot bear the death of his bride
Still he lives on with hope and pride
He's a dreamer
The person who willed their ambitions to come true
Who fantasizes, prays, and wishes too
The person who has a different worldview
We're all dreamers

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Poem Copyright 2007 by Kendall Gedeon


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