Nocturnal Loss
by Julie Blum

I'll never know what hit me on that fated, summer night
Of glimmering stars and glistening tears
And each icy second seemed to stab with fervid fire, searing and sudden
Every appendage was shattered and I lay sprawled
Across the thin, bright yellow line with stunned, agonizing silence
As I waited for my existence to, at last, come to a doomed, impending end
The rusty, roaring, raging menace had materialized
No hesitation, no regret, cold and unfeeling
So now my heartbeat escalates, while expecting to plummet all too soon
Bringing its inevitable stop for all eternity
Fleeting visions arise; my meal waiting for me
Back in my pleasant sheltered den
My numerous siblings all crowded around, waiting
My parents concerned at my late return from foraging
Their bushy, ringed tails wrapped around their unscathed, furry bodies
As the indifferent killer speeds away from me
Laughing with a black heart, at the eventual halt of mine

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Poem Copyright 2008 by Julie Blum


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