by Jonathon Barnett

Anger builds behind this dam.
It boils and writhes and takes no form.
The dam bursts, blurring who I am.
The connections I made seem forever torn.
Pain strikes hard and fast at my core.
They say its only weakness leaving my body,
But it invades and rips down my door.
While behind it comes a shape, walking calmly.
Hope stands among the splintered wood,
Reaching down with a soft, perfect hand;
Her light washes away the searing flood.
I accept her grasp as she helps me stand.
But Loss rushes by stealing Hope from my arms.
Grief, an ugly, wretched woman, takes her place.
She whispers lies into my ears, All but I will do you harm!
My thoughts become corrupt, my words leave a sour taste.
A new light appears, a brighter light than eer before.
This light I know nobody can take.
Love steps in and limb from limb Grief is torn.
A smile fills my heart, I know Ill always be safe

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Poem Copyright 2011 by Jonathon Barnett


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