Segregation: A Question To Answer
by Jillian Dispoto

When you open up an e-mail, do the different colors disturb you?
Do you whisper to yourself, "The blues should not be next to the yellows"?
Or do you read the e-mail thoroughly and pay attention to what it's saying?
When you meet a person of a different race, does their face look not quite right?
Or do you welcome them with open arms and offer them an ear?
When you're at the ice cream shop, are you appalled by the double flavors?
Or do you say in a cheerful voice, "I'll sundae with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate!"?
When you see a rainbow, do the different shades so close and friendly annoy you?
Or do you make a wish and hope that if you follow it there will be gold coins awaiting you at the other end?
When you see a child of a different background play with other children
Are you ashamed of the choice the children have made?
Or do you wish that you were a kid again having so much fun?
It just goes to show you that different doesn't matter when you look at it through a mirror
You have to squint a little bit and look harder
Because separating people or objects isn't always the correct answer

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Poem Copyright 1999 by Jillian Dispoto


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