I Am Me
by Jessica Moody

I am a pirate, captain of my ship, strong and mighty
I am a bold eagle soaring through the sky, seeking out my prey
I am a bumble bee buzzing my way through a patch of wild flowers lightly
I am many things, I am me

I am a trapeze artist swinging may way through a deep valley of pain
I am an oil well leaking out sadness and misery
I am a teardrop blending with the rain
I am many things, I am me

I am a sunflower tall as a tree, trying and wanting to belong
I am the snow on Christmas day
Cold as can be, with children shivering over me
I am a pilot searching somewhere to land
I am a beautiful butterfly with wings of color
I am many things, I am me

I am a seashell of wonder and curious being awaiting my destiny in the sand
I am the sky, the air, the sense of smell, and the love in ones heart
I am many things, I am me

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Poem Copyright 2000 by Jessica Moody


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