I Got a Good Grade
by Heidi Marie Owen

Mommy, mommy I got a good grade!  I got an A!
Mommy, arenít you proud?
You show no happiness
I got a good grade!  Shouldnít you be proud?
But all you ever do is push me away
What do you want?  I try so hard
I know you were only 16 when you had me
I know you didnít want me, but mommy, I still try hard; I still love you
Mommy, please show me some loveÖ just a little
Mommy I need you!  Iím calling out to you
I got a good grade; arenít you even a little happy?
Arenít you even a little proud?
I did it all by myself; never had anyoneís help
Never asked you, even if I needed it
Iíve never asked you for anything
So why mommy, why?  Why donít you love me?
Mommy, mommy, I got a good grade
I did it for you!
Donít you love me a little for that?

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Poem Copyright © 2002 by Heidi Marie Owen



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