The Price of Love
by Eric Rostvedt

The darkness loomed on such a day
When Faith held her tongue
Unrighteous men cowered away
When on the cross He hung
Their King, their Friend, was dying there
His burdened eyes looked down
Yet, while He hung, He said a prayer
And wore His crimson crown
The thorns, they mocked His royalty
Innocence hammered the nails
The sinners proclaimed disloyalty
And darkness said, "Hope fails!"
It was true, Hope had to hide
Her tears stained the light
But Love, she shone! She turned the tide!
For mercy, Love would fight
Nail-pierced hands raised the sword
The King, with His final breath
Struck down the Enemy, and the Lord
For wretched us, chose death

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Poem Copyright 2006 by Eric Rostvedt


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