So Clean and So Young
by Emily Mergel

Stagger down moonlit Willis Street
Patent leather spikes snagging in the crumbling asphalt
Dizzy eyes are veiled by flickering lids
Head lolls back onto the silent pavement

Remember Christina
Suede and alabaster hands smooth a linen dress
Ice and ancient eyes glance away with somber sighs
Thin lips part

 “Stop, little girl
Take time to smell the porch lights turning on
The rain dissolving paint on wooden houses
Breathe the way the would-be-junkies do
When getting blisters from holding hands too tight
Secrets too close
Love too dear” 

Eyes flash
Eight thousand pear blossoms shower down upon a sorry face
Like kisses from thin lips, littering the moonlit pavement

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Poem Copyright © 2006 by Emily Mergel


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