The Waiting Room
by Emily Caruana

The door to the dentist office opens
A teenage boy enters the waiting room
He signs in and sits down on a scratch pink chair
Without a glance at anybody
He hopes he won't be recognized
For the strong resemblance he bears
To the woman and the girl who follow him in
He avoids the glaring eyes of the little sister
Who had to be dragged along to her brother's appointment
Nor does he acknowledge the mother
Who fails to notice the embarrassment on her son's face
As she picks up a magazine and takes a seat
He tries to give the receptionist a silent signal to call him in
But she is too engrossed in gossip with her friend on the phone
To see his tension
As well as the uneasiness
Of the brown eyed girl next to him
With shaking knees and flushed cheeks
She wonders how this Leonardo DiCaprio
Could have sat next to her

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Poem Copyright 1999 by Emily Caruana


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