Nature's Ballet
by Danielle Scharfenberg

Lilies swish their slender hips
Irises pirouette on delicate toes
Orchids wave their hands
With elegance and grace,
They waltz to the rhythm of the wind
The moon casts a spotlight down upon the stage we call Earth
Glazing its performers with iridescence
The orchestra strums out the smooth melody
Letting the sweet thrum of the notes linger in the air
Grasshoppers on cello, gently plucking the fragile strings
Crickets on violin, dripping raw emotion with every stroke
Starlings belt out the lyrics, flames of passion as they sway to the tune
Stars cast rays on the lovely dancers
As the performers take their final bow,
A sequined, hazy curtain envelopes the stage
The spotlights begin to dim, as the lights of the theater slowly brighten
Bringing with it a velvety, dew-stroked dawn
And the promise of a new day's birth

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Poem Copyright 2012 by Danielle Scharfenberg


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