Teenage Eyes
by Caeli Faisst

Words jump off the page,
"Outcast," they scream.
Laughing demons circle my head
Taunting me as my tears cause their words to bleed,
Words written from the blackness of their hearts.
They try to fling their words at me,
But I harden my heart and let their flaming arrows bounce off.
Harder and harder they throw their curses,
Harder and harder it is to keep my heart from breaking.
Finally they leave, leave me at peace,
Yet their cruel eyes haunt my vision.
The ink from their words mixed with my tears seeps into my skin,
Mixing its poison with my blood,
But I refuse to accept defeat.
I will rise above.
I will not let them win.

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Poem Copyright 2010 by Caeli Faisst


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