The Beholder
by Bri Lewis

 Messily spray painted eyesores full of hate and vulgarity
Cover the decrepit buildings
Tiny, rundown houses are full of poor families
With never enough food on the table
And parents who are never home
Children play on fields now overrun with weeds and tall grass
Schools with barely any books and students who don't care enough to notice
Pathetic teachers who never really wanted this job, teach the few
Students who are nave enough to think they've got a shot at escape
The stink of all the garbage on the streets
The worst part of town
Colorful depictions of social injustice displayed across large brick canvases
Small homes with big families and just enough love to go around
And parents who work extra hard around the clock
Children play on
Dedicated teachers who make up for a lack of materials with a love of the job
And instill a thirst for knowledge and a belief that anything is possible
In the students who will work at it
The smell of hard work and belief and hope
The best part of town
The same part of town

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Poem Copyright 2013 by Bri Lewis


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