A Balloon For Daddy
by Ashley Frey

The September breeze caresses my cheek
Bringing with it the aroma of moist chocolate cake
And burning candles from behind
The sound of children laughing and playing in the background
Mother and I, away from the excitement of my birthday celebration
The travail of suppressing tears, pain, and love formed Mother's beautiful face
As she firmly clasps my little hand inside her warm embrace
A tacit transfer of anxious emotion joins us just before I set the balloon free
The papery string slips from my fingers as I let go
The bold red body transcends the cotton clouds and disappears from view
Destined for the heavens
Like the balloon, I have let go of childish things
Because there is no longer room for pretend in this intimidating world
Now, stray balloons are always echoing that little girl's whisper–
"I love you, Daddy."

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Poem Copyright © 2009 by Ashley Frey


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