by Allison Shaw

Today, a car drove past with the window down
An arm extended, paper cup flying
Soaring, arcing violently, then hitting ground
Another sore upon her face, my planet dying

Tomorrow, toxins choke blackened skies
Suffocate her once blue green white sphere
Oceans heave with oily grime, a river dies
Life cannot breathe, extinction is near

Imagine, another tomorrow, expectation
Endless skies of pristine white and blue
Air so pure it sears your lungs with exultation
Verdant forests team with life, renewed

Imagine, another today, revelation
We all reduce, reuse, recycle, respect
Our earth, our home, we’re her salvation
Our mistakes undone, our choices correct

Today, a car drove past with the window down
Did those within hear their mother’s plea?
In birdsong, windsong, rustling branches
As she whispered, "Take care of me"

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Poem Copyright © 2000 by Allison Shaw


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