My Warm and Fuzzy
by Alanna Cox

My eyes opened and who should it be before me?
My warm and fuzzy
Your tattered fur and dirty paws
Were perfect for a new born child

Your brown fur at night tickles my small chin
As I dream about far away places and adventures
I hold you tight and in return you keep me safe
I carry you around where ever I may wander
As I spill juice on your beautiful fur and crumbs fall upon your head
I wonder what you looked like when you were shiny and new

For you are my best friend, old teddy bear
I wonder if you were as important to my older sister as you are to me

To me you are my line to past years
When I was a soul floating in the air
You watched over my sister as she slept
But you must have went to dream land; for she closed her eyes
And could no longer breathe upon your soft head
She slipped away so fast and never got to see me
Her little sister
Holding her warm and fuzzy in  my pudgy arms

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Poem Copyright 1999 by Alanna Cox


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