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Little Beetle
by Juwairia  Ansari

There was a beetle.
It had a needle.
It poked a prey.
That's the end of the day.
The little beetle went at night
Outside to flight.
He found something that was white.
Then, he took a little bite.
It tasted so bad
That it made him so mad.
He wanted to sleep
Inside a big black jeep.

Poem copyright 2009 by Juwairia  Ansari



Skeleton Girl
by Tyreek  Blackwell

Skeleton girl, with your head of twenty inches
Skeleton girl, with your brain-shaped eye
Skeleton girl, with your orange, oval mouth
Skeleton girl, why is your face green and your cheeks so pink?
Skeleton girl, why do you have purple hair?
Skeleton girl, why do you have a crane neck?
Skeleton girl, how did you get here?

Poem copyright 2009 by Tyreek  Blackwell



The Love of Music
by Victoria  India

The love of my music, I cannot tell
It sounds so sweet, it's like a spell
I hear in my ear, the sound that rings
It's the soothing voice that I hear sing
I listen quietly, the peaceful sound
It is the music that I have found
The music is powerful, so strong indeed
It's the thing that makes life happen
It makes me, me.

Poem copyright 2009 by Victoria  India



by Deianeira  Hill

One Man
One Creator
One death
To change the world forever.
Two humans
Two mammals
To produce life.
Three wise men
Three mysteries
To make up the Trinity.
Four people to picture a family,
Four signs of the cross.
One Man,
To take on all sins of humankind.

Poem copyright 2009 by Deianeira  Hill



by Ryan  Agan

We wander for our food
In the night sky we fly high
We are owls

Poem copyright 2009 by Ryan  Agan



Going Green
by Ramya  Balasingam

Shoppers bring their own bags, 
People start buying electric cars, 
Everyone starts to recycle even price tags, 
No one wants to buy cigars. 
People start having recycle bins, 
People begin to ride the bus more. 
Everyone does all their work with grins, 
And every place becomes clean, including the seashore. 
After all these reforms have been made, 
The air will smell clean again. 
It might take a whole decade, 
But at least people will try not to complain. 
Finally, the world becomes a better place, 
And Earth becomes the best place for our race.

Poem copyright 2009 by Ramya  Balasingam



The Tempo of Our Lives
by Robyn  Santo

A story to be told
Music to the ears
Poems played in song
Played through the years
Voices sing sweetly
Instruments sing too
Songs of love and joy
Remind me of you
Times of sadness
Along with some fear
Music tells the story
Of how we got here
Now an old couple
We listen with bliss
The music of our lives
Will help us reminisce

Poem copyright 2009 by Robyn  Santo



The Last Shot
by Mitchell  Ainsworth

The game is going good
The other team wishes they could
Look good on the hardwood
As they grow into manhood
We bounce and we pass
And try to out-class
As we watch the hourglass
The other team we hope to surpass
So, here I go, one more time
As the pressure begins to climb
Winning, for me, would be sublime
Those memories will last a lifetime
So I look to the left, then down court
This is where I will need lots of support
The ball will not stay backcourt
And I will not, will not abort
I have to make it to my favorite spot
And I cannot get caught
I will remember what I've been taught
And I just know that I will hit the jackpot
It's time to be clock-wise
I have to be streetwise
We have fifteen seconds to go lengthwise
And all I hear are the cries
I let the ball fly, then I stand by
The other team lets out a sigh
Because they know I'm the guy
That they cannot deny!

Poem copyright 2009 by Mitchell  Ainsworth



The Spring I Will Never Forget
by Chris  Nunez

Spring is upon us, daffodils are up
Days are longer, sun is warmer–what joy!
Nectar flowing as flowers from a cup
A bouquet in hand, to the girl goes the boy
I stand above your grave, flowers in hand
My nights are restless without my true love
Your whispers back are all that I demand
My heart is cooling like a wounded dove
But I am strong. Someone else I do spy
It makes me sad, but I must still endure
This love again is something I must try
It's not your love; it will not be pure
I know you're sad, but please don't fret
Your greatest love I will not soon forget

Poem copyright 2009 by Chris  Nunez



When We Learn
by Emily  Ferrera

Living life so blindly,
We often miss the deploy;
Of our ships of rapture,
And love and life and joy.
Hearts are meant to keep the beat
Of the song of love.
Even when they stop their rhythm,
And our souls are up above.
As humans it is our duty,
To keep the music pure.
And when we feel heartbroken,
To search for the best cure.
God put us on this land.
He wanted us to be free.
So someday we'll stand hand in hand,
As friends in harmony.
When we find the pieces
To the puzzles we have not begun,
We'll forever live as family,
Because a family lives as one.

Poem copyright 2009 by Emily  Ferrera



A Christian's Birthday Poem
by Kimberly   Kelly

Another year older, a year of living in the light of the Lord,
A time of changing, a time of growing, 
A time of learning how to use His sword
Maturing more as the days go on, 
Telling others what Christ has taught and gave you,
Touching their hearts as you travel along,
Living and loving–as we see Him in you.
A miracle is working in your heart,
A new beginning, He changed you right from the start,
And now you know that there is no turning back, 
The grace of God will never lack.
You're a picture of what the mighty Redeemer can do,
When you walk in His love, you make an excellent view,
You are changing on the inside, it's really hard to see,
Like a stranger to the world–living for eternity,
Committed to the Savior, you are resting in His hands, 
He planned your future long ago, way before your life as a baby began.
Though your life may seem so hard and you might fail sometimes,
Get on His feet–there are still mountains to climb,
When you reach the highest peak, there will be joy with no end,
Then God will say, "Well done, my servant and friend"

Poem copyright 2010 by Kimberly   Kelly



Amelia Earhart
by Kristina   Zakharchuk

Amelia Earhart was brave
Muriel once got stuck in a cave
Earhart, Amy was her mother
Little by little, she started flying farther
It took her a long time to cross the Atlantic Ocean
Amelia never married spoiled men

Everything was quite exciting
Amelia was scared, but she never stopped flying
Riches did not spoil her
However she loved beans
Amelia met two queens
Russell, Rosalind was being spied on by Earhart
Today even though Amelia Earhart died, 
We still remember her and her kind heart.

Poem copyright 2010 by Kristina   Zakharchuk



The Majestic Lion
by Ramya  Balasingam

The proud lion throws back his shaggy head
And roars so loudly, frightening all.
Nothing fills anyone with such dread
As the sound of a lion's brawl.
He lets out a large bay
And shakes his mane as he is about to depart
To stalk his fearful prey,
And make them distraught.
He peers from behind a sandy boulder
Near a deer drinking water.
He waits silently and does not stir
As he is about to slaughter.
He lets out a roar, so loud, frightening the deer,
While others nearby tremble in fear.

Poem copyright 2010 by Ramya  Balasingam



The Star-Spangled Banner
by Arjun  Balasingam

On the third of September,
Mr. Francis Scott Key wrote our song,
Which we will remember
Forevermore long.
He was kept aboard the ship,
A part of the British territory.
He longed to get out of this hardship,
While the Americans achieved victory.
Proud of his land,
He composed our song,
Written in short hand,
Yet very strong.
And so we still remember and sing this beautiful paean,
Which originated during the war with the Europeans.

Poem copyright 2010 by Arjun  Balasingam



The Great King
by Tyreek  Blackwell

Who never shouted or used a gun. 
Who never raised his hand to hit anyone.
Who had a heart of great size. 
Who was the youngest African American to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.
Who made the world a better place. 
Who came to death face to face. 
Who has made the nation sing.
He goes by the name of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Poem copyright 2010 by Tyreek  Blackwell



by Ciauna  Broadus

Creamy, marvelous
Thrilling, satisfying, delighting
Helps make me hyper

Poem copyright 2010 by Ciauna  Broadus



Just Me For a While
by Serena  Ussery

With my goofy smile
My short sandy hair
And my crazy tacky style
For loco things I wouldn't care
When I'm a stubborn teen
For crazy things I wouldn't care
Even if I have fifty piercings in my ear
Later on when people call me Mrs.
In the day I'll be professional
At night I'll be sneaking Reese's
But one day when I'm old and gray
I'll have fifty cats and say
I'll stay me awhile
And I'll be okay

Poem copyright 2010 by Serena  Ussery



The Notepad
by Kristina  Collins

Today my dad
Was very mad
Because I was bad.
But later I was sad,
So I had to
Write in my notepad.
So that I would not be sad,
I made my pad look rad.

Poem copyright 2010 by Kristina  Collins



My Rose of Summer Rain
by Alyssa  Betz

Evening rose, all alone you stand in the summer's night
So beautiful, with petals of black and leaves of red
You smell of summer rain as I pick you from the earth
So beautiful you are my Rose of Summer Rain
Evening rose, all alone you lie in my bleeding hand
With petals of death and leaves of blood
And thorns of poison that mark both our ends
You smell of lost wishes as you lie wilting in my hand
So lonely you are my Rose of Summer Rain
Evening rose, together we lie on this summer's night
So lost we lie with poison flowing through our veins
We smell of pain as we lie on the broken ground
So forgotten we are my Rose of Summer Rain
Evening rose, together we watch our last summer's night
So beautifully falls the summer rain
With cool water that washes our bleeding skin
We smell of the end of days, as the night begins to fade 
Say goodbye my Rose of Summer Rain

Poem copyright 2010 by Alyssa  Betz



My PawPaw
by DeCarlos  Bedgood

He lived across the road
I'd always see him
When he died,
I wondered why he left me here to cry
He is the one who held me, nurtured me, loved me so dear
He still does up in Heaven till this very year
He's who I love, he's who I cherish
He's my PawPaw, I am his dearest

Poem copyright 2010 by DeCarlos  Bedgood



by Deana  Canfield

Wolves are like people they hunt in packs,
Watch out or you'll be a snack,
But don't worry I've got your back,
Because who has mine when you're a snack,
Don't look back just keep on running,
Oh no! We've reached a dead end,
Now we must meet our fate,
Aw man! We were going to have steak,
And Mom will be mad because we'll always be late.

Poem copyright 2010 by Deana  Canfield



by Zane  Akers

Ending the year with a smile!
I close my eyes and look up to Jesus for awhile.
Giving Him "thanks" the way He watches over us.
Yes, giving Him "thanks" because He's One we can trust.
This past year I have thought much of this famous quote,
"You can be what you want to be."
With this thought in mind, I had to tell God,
"I wanted to be a vet and take care of the animals You gave us, you see!
Yes, like St. Francis loved Your birds and animals so dear.

Poem copyright 2010 by Zane  Akers



A Hen's Dream
by Daniel  Freeman

There was a hen named Ken
Her favorite number was ten
She wanted to fly high
But time just went by
Then she found out she was a hen

Poem copyright 2010 by Daniel  Freeman



The Future
by Amber  Russell

I trust my eyes
I trust my life
Hear my cry out to the sky.
My heart hurts, it aches so bad
But forever I will see that the past is the past.

Poem copyright 2010 by Amber  Russell



Harsh Life
by Jason  Ess

Everyone laughs 
Everyone cries
Everyone lives
Everyone dies
But if you don't you will see our world in misery

Poem copyright 2010 by Jason  Ess



by Quantina  Felder

To have been taunted and talked of with envy,
To have only heard nothing but negativity 
It's dumb, because of admiration for only foolish things, that's absurd and crazy
Real intelligence doesn't get praised
Only ignorance–imitation of it, anyways
Why is it this way, you ask? Well, it's hard to answer
The problem is, no one thinks of everyone on the same level
To be thought of as a curse, it's like a gift, but only worse
Hard to find, hard to seek; people who have, are bitter, never sweet
To over think, to be a closed mind, to be able to get the right answer every time
To be looked up to by a few, not many at a time, 
Only be good to yourself and you'll be fine
Those are the words that go through an intelligent mind,
Even if they know it's not true, only a lie.

Poem copyright 2009 by Quantina  Felder




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